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[NOTIFICACION HMM] Container Deposit for Malaysia’s Import Shipment // PLASTIC SCRAP TO MALAYSIA

Estimado exportador

Enviamos nofiticacion de HMM referente a la prohibición de PLASTIC SCRAP con destino Malaysia


To:  All

Please note below Summary;

  1. For Plastic Scrap cargo going into Malaysia still NOT allowed.
  2. For all General Cargo going into Malaysia, POD/MYPKG will collect deposit $3.000.00 per container from Consignee.  POL office will not involve to collection deposit for General cargo going into Malaysia.

Collection Deposit should be as per below tariff.

Dry 20′ RM 1,000.00
Dry 40′ RM 2,000.00
Reefer 20′ RM 2,000.00
Reefer 40′ RM 4,000.00
Open Top/Flat Rack 20′ RM 2,000.00
Open Top/Flat Rack 40′ RM 4,000.00
Jumbo 45′ RM 4,000.00

Thanks & regards,

Jackie Hong

Traffic & Documentation Team / Manager

In charge of C-TPAT

Hyundai America Shipping Agency

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