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‘Hyundai Merchant Marine’ rebrands as ‘HMM’

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<Seoul, March 31, 2020> – HMM announced that the company has decided to stop using the name ‘Hyundai Merchant Marine’ as its official corporate name and brand, starting on April 1, 2020.

The decision was approved at the 44th annual shareholders meeting of the company, which was held at HMM headquarters, Seoul, on March 27.

The name ‘Hyundai Merchant Marine’ has been used for 37 years since the company changed its name from the ‘Asia Merchant Marine’ in 1983.

‘HMM’, the new official name, has been widely known as the acronym for ‘Hyundai Merchant Marine’ to date. However, for the record, ‘HMM’ itself becomes the sole corporate name and brand to represent the company, not standing for ‘Hyundai Merchant Marine’.

Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. // HMM Co., Ltd (Acronym)


HMM Co., Ltd

HMM has reviewed the introduction of its independent brand since the company was completely separated from Hyundai Group in August 2016 as part of enhancing its brand equity. The launch of a new Corporate Identity(CI), which was unveiled in May 2019, was also in line with this rebranding initiative.

Jae Hoon Bae, President & CEO of HMM, said, “This is another step in our company’s bright future. I believe it is vital for us to rebrand ourselves in the course of a huge leap forward in 2020” and added, “Most of our customers and employees will not be confused as the name ‘HMM’ has already been recognized and familiar to the global market”.

Mr. Bae also stressed “HMM will continue to expand its business coverage and develop more capabilities to successfully serve our valued customers.”

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