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Customer Advisory – North China RF container Inbound Congestion and New Surcharge – RSR(Reefer Congestion Surcharge)

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to provide an update on the Reefer operation in the North China area. All carriers including HMM are still facing limited access to the Reefer plugs at Shanghai, Ningbo and Xingang terminals as the cargo pick up activity is still very slow. Terminals are overwhelmed and they are being operated exceeding their capacity.

HMM sincerely intends to help resolve the issues but, inevitably, we have to urge all our Reefer customers to avoid those congested ports and try to find alternative market until we see fluid operation out there. For in-transit cargos, HMM will arrange change of destination for customers who wish to do so.

HMM will continue to work with customers who are willing to ship Reefer containers to Shanghai, Ningbo and Xingang, but please keep in mind below conditions are to be agreed to for all the customers to proceed with the booking with HMM.

1. For the destination of Shanghai, Ningbo and Xingang, HMM does not carry out services with any guarantee of transit time. All routes might be replaced with the best option among given ones at each moment and unexpected transshipment may be arranged until those ports accept reefer container discharging.

2. As of February 12th 2020, HMM will apply a congestion surcharge of USD 1,000 per container for all reefer bookings heading to Shanghai, Ningbo and Xingang to cover the additional cost for unexpected transshipment and extended dwell at the alternative ports. In any regulated corridor, this surcharge will be effective from March 12th 2020.

HMM will closely monitor all the situations around North China and keep our customers posted on further updates. Should you have any inquires or questions, please feel free to contact your HMM local representative.


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